Descendants of Alexander Derosia
of Clayton, New York

:alex and addie photo derosia family- 1950 derosias
Alexander DEROSIA (22 Jun 1852 - 8 Jan 1935)
son of Levi DEROSIA and Catherine BLAIR view the Levi Derosia family Here m. 25 Dec 1879
Adelaide MEYERS (21 Oct 1860 - 4 Apr 1935)
daughter of James Henry MEYERS and
Elenora PELOW Their Children:

1. Joseph William DEROSIA (3 Apr 1881 - 8 Apr 1963)
married 20 Feb 1906 Susan JORDON
Their wedding photo

2. Mary Catherine DEROSIA (15 May 1882 - 15 Dec 1969)
married (1) 12 Nov 1901 George W CUMMINGS (10 Jun 1850 - 20 Apr 1926)
son of Spencer CUMMINGS and Mary BRAWT
married (2) 15 Sep 1926 Owen Wayne DAVIS (9 Apr 1880 - Feb 1962)
son of Lorenzo DAVIS and Florilla A PETRIE

3. Florence Loretta DEROSIA (23 Feb 1885 - ????)
married 29 Jan 1902 William BALL (1876 - 1918)

4. Elnora Susan DEROSIA (24 Aug 1886 - 10 Nov 1965)
married 1 Jul 1904 Fred STEELE (26 Aug 1886 - 17 Feb 1963)
son of Charles STEELE and Anna JOHNSTON

5. Margaret Irene DEROSIA (9 Nov 1890 - 1914)
married George B Pecor (14 May 1883 - 4 Apr 1970)
son of Charles PECOR and Lucinda RODERICK

6. Helena Adelaide "Lena" DEROSIA (22 May 1896 - 6 Mar 1970)
married 21 Oct 1913 George "Dutch" BERTRAND (7 Dec 1894 - 11 Jul 1965)
son of John BERTRAND and Mary LaCHANCE

7. Alexander Marcus DEROSIA (10 Aug 1899 - Feb 1965)
married (1) 1 Jan 1926 Evelyn Nesbitt Clement
married (2) 14 Nov 1942 Julia Pelow (20 Aug 1907 - 11 Oct 1949)
daughter of William Henry PELOW and Estella Elizabeth AUBERTINE
married (3) Carolyn ???

photo of will derosia loretta

Lt Cmdr J. W. Derosia Florence Loretta Ball, Lena Derosia, Elnora Steele
William Ball, Fred Steele
Lyman Ball, Blanche Steele


Lt Cmdr Alexander Marcus Derosia, aka "Al" or "Mark" AM Derosia was a ship's officer aboard the ship USS STEEL SEAFARER
when it was sunk by a bomb on 5 September, 1941, the third US ship sunk by the German Luftwaffe
in the months before the United States entered WWII. The US was a neutral nation at the time.

The unarmed USS Steel Seafarer, on a voyage from New York to Suez, Egypt, came under aerial attack by a German plane in the Red Sea (position: 27.20N/34.15 E). Steaming at four knots, the vessel proceeded with her navigational lights lit in clear weather and rough seas. A large American flag painted on the side of the ship marked her nationality. The Steel Seafarer was struck by one bomb in the #5 double bottom tank, and the master immediately stopped the engines and ordered the ship to be abandoned. The crew launched three boats and the freighter sank in fifteen minutes. All nine officers and twenty-seven crewmen reached Egypt the next day. Five men received treatment ashore for injuries. The sinking of this and two other ships was the subject of President Franklin Roosevelt's fireside chat later that week.

photo of derosia family (r.) Lena Bertrand, Norie Steele, Mayme Davis
(fr.) Alec Derosia, Will Derosia levi photo This is probably a photograph of Levi Derosia, Jr. The photo was taken in St Paul MN, near Levi's home. The photo was in the Derosia family photo album. Wedding photo of Will and Susie Derosia photo of Will and Susie, wedding day (back) Susan Jordon, Mrs. Jordon, Adelaide Derosia
(front) Will Derosia, Alexander Derosia This is a photo of an unidentified couple, from Grandma Derosia's tintypes.
The man is in Civil War uniform, and appears to be in his 20s or 30s.
My best guesses are that this is either: (1) James Meyers and Elenora Pelow, parents of Adelaide Derosia (2) Michael and Mary Ann Derosia (he died during the war); 3. Another Derosia son
photo of unknown man Tantalizing, hm? Any suggestions, contact me. photo of George and Mayme Cummings George W. and Mary Derosia Cummings, abt 1903 elnora pelow myers Eleanora Pelow Meyers, abt 1903 Return to Top Return to Home Modified on Thursday, July 5, 2001

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