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I can't claim that I'm related to any of them,
but they have all achieved some degree of celebrity in their chosen field
and have brought Corbett fame to the Corbett name

Gentleman Jim Corbett - Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World

Special note on Gentleman Jim; Like most Corbetts, I was told as a
child that we were related to Gentleman Jim. James J Corbett was probably
the first Irish American superstar. Dozens of mothers and fathers named
their sons after the first Heavyweight Champion... that's where MY
grandfather got his name. After retiring from the ring, Gentleman Jim
travelled the Vaudeville circuit as an actor and performer, and in his
travels probably met other Corbetts at stage doors throughout the USA and
Canada and around the world. Being the gentleman that he was, I don't
suppose that he ever discouraged anyone from believing that they were
somehow related. I'm not trying to say that YOU are not related to
Gentleman Jim.. or that your grandfather or great-grandfather wasn't told
this by the great James Corbett himself. I only want you to know that this
website does NOT contain the genealogy of Gentleman Jim, since I have not
one trace of evidence that he belongs in my family tree.
(Although, I hate to admit that , in some of these photos,
I think I can see a family resemblance.) LOL

Edward James "Jungle Jim" Corbett - 1875-1955

Professional Hunter of man-eating tigers and other predators,
noted conservationist

Boston Corbett Boston Corbett Boston Corbett

Boston Corbett:
The Man who shot John Wilkes Booth

John Corbett:

Michael Corbett, Actor, Ryan's Hope

Glenn Corbett, Actor, Route 66

Gretchen Corbett, Actress, The Rockford Files

Ronnie Corbett, Comic Actor, The Two Ronnies

Harry H Corbett, Comic Actor, Steptoe and Son

Susannah Corbett, Actress
daughter of Harry H Corbett

Ken Corbett:
Extraordinary Portraits

Mountain Dan Corbett
Fine Pen and Ink Drawings

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