Missing in Adoption

FOUND - 2002

Here are some of those who have found their missing loved ones:
(Reunions prior to 2002 were removed as they occurred.)


FOUND - December 26, 2002

Twin sisters born 9/28/75 have found their birthmother


FOUND - December 28, 2002

Congratulations, Roz and Peter!!! God bless you both!

Birthmother seeking male adoptee

Name at birth: Steven Power
Date of birth: 11 August 1963
Place of birth: Bethany Deaconess Hospital,Brooklyn,NY
Adopted through Talbot Perkins Agency

Contact: rozie1747@hotmail.com

posted July 30, 2002


FOUND - December, 2002

Mary is looking for a sibling that was born late March or early April of 1966

Birthmother: Kay F. Webb age 21 at time of birth.
DOB 05/29/45 Irish, Brown hair, green eyes, 5'1 108lbs

Birthfather: Donald W. Nash age 44 at time of birth.
DOB 11/03/22 Irish, White hair (originally black), brown eyes, 5"10 1/2", 175lbs.

Both birth parents are now deceased.

She found out about the child only after her mom passed.
This child would be her full sibling.
She believes they were living in the Adams, NY area (Jefferson County) at the time of the pregnancy and birth.

Appears the baby was given up at birth, and the adoption was handled by Catholic charities of Syracuse NY.

Unknown where the birth took place.

Information leads us to believe the child was a girl.

Contact: dmprinz@northnet.org

posted Nov 8 2002


Found, December 3, 2002

Elaina - Female adoptee seeking Birth Family

Date of Birth: 23 March 1978
Place of Birth: Potsdam, NY

posted Nov 20, 2002


FOUND - October, 2002

Birth sister and birthparents seeking Male Adoptee

Date of birth: 11 July 1972
Place of birth: Utica NY

Birthname: Gabriel Dibble

Contact: samsonrory@cox.net


Found Birthmother (deceased) September 29, 2002

Seeking Birthfather, Raymond Cook, Florida

Also searching for Joyce and Bonnie Harris

Tammy - Female Adoptee searching for Birth Family

Date of Birth: 17 April 1970

Agency: St Lawrence County DSS

Adoptee lived with a foster family named Robertson.
They had a son and daughter named Tommy and Sissy.
I know my mother was only about 17 when she had me.
I think my last name also began with a H.

My adoption was not final til about 1973-1974.
I was passed from mother to grandmother to great grandmother,
then to foster care. This went on for a while before i was finally adopted out.
Please if you know of anything contact me. mara4real2002@yahoo.com

Posted 9/12/2002


Found - September 11, 2002

Greg - Male Adoptee searching for Birth Family

Date of Birth: 29 August 1965
Agency: Adopted through Jefferson County (NY) DSS

Other: Adoptee has a three-year-old sister who remained with birthmother

Contact: gl829@msn.com

posted - August 1, 2002


August 2, 2002

Brenda - Female adoptee seeking Birth Family

Date of Birth: Sunday, 20 March 1966
Place of Birth: Jefferson County?
Agency: Jefferson County DSS
Foster care in Watertown NY from birth
Adopted: Watertown, NY January, 1967, finalized in 1968


Birthparents are of French and Irish descent
B-mom was 5 ft tall, brown eyes, brown hair
bdad was 5ft 2in, dark curly hair, brown eyes 130lbs
Neither graduated from high school

Foster care and adoption finaized in 1968
B-mom left the area shortly before adoption was finalized
B-dad got laywer in Connecticut, signed papers in March, 1967
B-mom signed papers in January. 1967

Contact: dicklin_brenda@yahoo.com


FOUND - July 27, 2002

Female Adoptee has found Birth Family

Date of Birth: 25 September 1968

Place of birth: Syracuse, NY.



Janet - Female Adoptee seeking Birth Family

DOB 10/3/1970 in Carthage, NY


FOUND - May 20, 2002


Confirmed by DNA testing, July 8, 2002

Face to Face: July 9, 2002, Shove Park, Camillus NY

Larry and Dusty

Date of Birth: 13 Feb 1970
Place of Birth: Ogdensburg, NY

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