Vietnam Honor Roll, Jefferson County, NY

Honor Roll - Vietnam

Jefferson County NY

Peter William Booras

Watertown, NY

I first heard Peter's name on the morning when his death
was reported over the p.a. system at Watertown High School.
This was a young man who had just been graduated from my high school.
Suddenly, Vietnam became very personal to me.

James Raymond Gentile
Watertown, NY

Samuel Henry Graham II
Watertown, NY

David Paul Halpin
Watertown, NY

Josef S Huwyler
Watertown, NY

James Henry Jessman
Watertown, NY

Gregory James Kellogg

Watertown, NY

Greg was our friend Rita's older brother.
Later on I met his other brothers and sisters,
Ken and Mark and Dawn and Mike.

John Francis Martin

Watertown, NY

I didn't know John, but I know his family now,
especially his uncle John, for whom he was named.
He was the pride of his family, a West Point graduate whose life ended
in service to his country.

William Jeffrey Muldovan

Watertown, NY

The only man on this list that I knew personally.
One of the twin brothers of my friend Phil.
Billy and Mike did everything together, including enlisting in the Marine Corps.
I believe I heard that they were squad leaders in the same platoon and
were injured at the same moment.
I miss you, Bill.

Carl Robert Petersen
Watertown, NY

James Earl Ruttan
Watertown, NY

John Stephen Sayer
Watertown, NY

Robert Henry Sinclair, Jr

Watertown, NY

Bobby was a star athlete, the pride of his family.
I met his parents years later.
They lived around the corner from me,
and never failed to remember my sons' birthdays.
His mom has passed on, and his dad lives in Rochester NY now with Bobby's sister Carol.

David Walter Wilson
Watertown, NY

Robert Lansing Burrell
Carthage, NY

Richard Kei Finsterwalder
Carthage, NY

Lawrence Edward Bisonett
Clayton, NY

William Andrew Brabant
Clayton, NY

James Bruce Jones
Alexandria Bay, NY

Gerald Martin Farrell
Black River, NY

Richard Leon LaFlair
Brownville, NY

Craig William Handley
Cape Vincent, NY

Michael Hammond Mein

Cape Vincent, NY

I learned of Michael through his sister Linda.
Michael was listed for many years as MIA.
His remains were finally identified and given a resting place in his hometown.

Daniel J Smith
Chamont, NY

John F Fuller
Great Bend, NY

Henry Burch
Henderson, NY

Richard Henry Ward
Philadelphia, NY

Thomas Michael Lowe
Rodman, NY

Wilford Paul Coller
West Carthage, NY

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