Descendants of Joseph Whitford
of Watertown, New York

Joseph William WHITFORD Sr (3 May 1870 - 13 Jul 1944)
m. Racheal Ray STILES (17 Mar 1874 - 1959?)

Racheal with second husband and his daughter

Kate Bickel

1. Catherine Belle WHITFORD (3 Oct 1892 - 23 Jun 1972)
m. George Gordon BICKEL

Joe and Edith

2. Joseph William WHITFORD (13 Oct 1894 - 6 Aug 1958)
m. Edith Pearl PERRIN (13 Feb 1900 - 6 May 1993)

Edith Perrin Whitford
Viola Whitford Randall Joseph Whitford III Pearl Whitford Dupre Bill and Betty Whitford

Viola Whitford Randall; Joseph Whitford III; Pearl Whitford Dupre; William and Betty Whitford

3. Mary Jane WHITFORD (30 Oct 1896 - 25 Aug 1996)
m. Benjamin WARREN ( )
m. Howard MONTONDO (22 Oct 1899 - 12 Jul 1966)

Cecil Marquette

4. Lovina Loverta Enza WHITFORD (3 Mar 1900 - 5 Sep 1931)

5. Edith WHITFORD (died in infancy)

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